APK Studio is now made cross-platform and is available for download as a public-beta.

APK Studio is an IDE for decompiling/editing & then recompiling of android application binaries. Unlike initial release being Windows exclusive & also didn't support frameworks, this one is completely re-written using QT for cross-platform support. You can now have multiple frameworks installed & pick a particular one on a per project basis.


Decompiling/Recompiling Features:

  • Multiple Framework Management
  • Decompile/Recompile APK
  • Automatic Signing & Zip-align

Editor Features:

  • XML/SMALI Code Assist
  • XML/SMALI Syntax Highlighting

ADB Features:

  • Batch Install APKs
  • Pull/Disable/Enable/Uninstall Applications
  • File Browser With CHMOD
  • Partition/Mounts Manager


Windows Screenshot

Probably this one is first IDE for the purpose built for Ubuntu/Linux & Mac

Max Screenshot.

Ubuntu/Linux Screenshot

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